Samaria / Hebron Israel Extension

3 Day Tour
June 11 – June 14, 2018

Day 17, June 11: Ariel:

We arrive late afternoon at our hotel in Ariel. Ariel in Hebrew means “lion of God” and the city was founded in 1978. In the Bible, Ariel was another name for Jerusalem (Isaiah 29:1-8).

Day 18, June 12: Shiloh, Aphek, Mountain of Abraham, Mt. Gerizim, Mt. Ebal, Shechem, Samaria

We begin the day by driving south to the extensive ancient ruins of the Biblical city of Shiloh perched on a mountain. We see a film there and have a guided tour of the excavated ruins where the Mosaic Tabernacle once stood for many years, with this structure being the center of Israelite worship. This was also where Samuel the prophet grew up as a child under Eli the High Priest. Leaving Shiloh, we drive nearby where traditionally Eli was buried. Near here was Biblical Aphek and Ebenezar where the Israelites were defeated by the Philistines who also captured the Ark of the Covenant. Later the Philistines destroyed Shiloh. We then drive further to climb by bus another mountain which is called the Mountain of Abraham or Elon Moreh (oak of Moreh). This was where God made his first appearance to Abraham after he entered the promised Land. From here we have a fantastic view of all of Samaria. We then drive up the adjoining mountain to the National Park at the top of Mount Gerizim where Joshua promised the Israelites blessings from God for obedience. While up there we visit a modern day Samaritan temple where Samaritans still perform animal sacrifices. We then travel by bus part way up traditional Mt. Ebal which is the mountain where Joshua pronounced curses on Israel if they disobeyed God’s Word. The next drive is into Biblical Shechem where Jacob bought a piece of land to pitch his tent and there we visit Jacob’s Well. Nearby, the bones of his son Joseph were buried there when the Israelites entered the Land after the Exodus and we visit his tomb. This is also the place of Sychar where Jesus talked to the Samaritan woman. We visit Tel Balata where we see ancient Canaanite ruins and altars traditionally attributed to Abraham and to Joshua where he pronounced the blessings and curses over Israel. Our next stop is at the ancient ruins of the Biblical city of Samaria or Shomron, with the same name as the region it was located in and was its ancient capital. We see where King Ahab’s ivory palace once stood. Our final stop will be to see the traditional tombs of Joshua and his good friend Caleb, the only two spies who came back with a good report and were allowed to enter the Promised Land 40 years later. We have a short drive to our hotel.

Day 19, June 13: Ai, Bethel, Michmash, Geba, Ramah, Anathoth, Bethany, Tekoa, Hebron, Solomon’s

Pools, Biblical Communion Meal: We leave our hotel and head south where we pass on our left Ai one of three Canaanite cities Joshua burned. Our first stop for the day is at Bethel (house of God) which was named by Jacob after he had a vision here of a stairway reaching to Heaven and saw angels and the Lord around it. Then the Lord spoke to him and reaffirmed His covenant promise of the Land and future generations. Later, God appeared again to him here and changed his name from Jacob to Israel. Next we make a picture stop at the Michmash Valley where King Saul’s son Jonathan defeated the Philistine garrison. Back on the bus we pass by Biblical Geba where Saul camped with his army, then we go by Ramah the hometown of Samuel the Prophet. We then pass Anathoth, a city of priests where Jeremiah lived. We leave Samaria and arrive at Bethany to see the traditional location of the home of Lazarus and the tomb where he was raised from the dead. We walk nearby to see the ruins where the house was located of Simon the leper who entertained Jesus at His last Shabbat evening meal when Mary anointed Him before His crucifixion. Back on the bus, we drive past Tekoa where the prophet Amos was a shepherd. We continue on to the city of Hebron to go inside the building Herod The Great built over the original cave tomb of the Patriarchs and their wives Abraham/Sarah, Isaac/Rebekah and Jacob/Leah. We then drive to the traditional location of the Oaks of Mamre where Abraham pitched his tent and built an altar to the Lord. Back on the bus we make a stop to take pictures of the large ancient Solomon’s Pools that Herod expanded to store the water to feed his aqueducts that ran to his palace at Herodium and to the Temple Mount at Jerusalem. Our last visit of the day is for a relaxing Biblical meal based on the Last Supper Communion that Jesus had with His disciples. There will be a lecture about the cultural and Biblical symbolisms that were expressed during that original meal. The day ends with our last stay on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea in Tel Aviv.

Day 20, June 14: Tel Aviv

We depart for Ben Gurion Airport for our return flight home with lots of great memories and information.

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